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  The Bono Simonetta Collection of Cappadocian Coins

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Kings of Cappadocia, Ariarathes VII Philometor (115/114-101 BC), Drachm, Dated regnal year A/1; AR (g 3,93; mm 16; h 12); Diademed head r., Rv. ΒΑΣΙΛEΩΣ - ΑΡΙΑΡΑΘΟΥ - ΦΙΛΟΜΗΤΟΡΟΣ, Athena Nikephoros standing l., resting hand on shield ornamented with Gorgoneion; transverse spear behind her; in field, monogram; in ex. A. Simonetta, p. 35, n. 1, pl. IV,11 (this coin); Parthica 2007, Ar. VII 4/1 (this coin). Old cabinet tone; weakness on obverse; good very fine. From the Bono Simonetta Collection; bought in Basel in 1950.